Smart irrigation

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Smart irrigation

Start this lawncare season off smart, with a smart irrigation controller that is! We have so much technology at our fingertips, from Alexa and Google driving our smart home technology, smartphones, smart TVs, and smartwatches; it is about time for our irrigation systems to step into the future as well. Regular watering promotes a healthier and consistently green lawn with healthier blades of grass that are easier to trim and overall look better. 

Older standalone controllers are typically on a timer that cannot adjust with weather input and typically results in excessive water waste, water runoff, erosion, and plant loss from overwatering. When your lawn is over-saturated, excess water runs off and travels into neighboring properties, sewers, streams, and rivers, often carrying the fertilizer and pesticides you put down right along with it. 

Smart irrigation systems can be controlled and adjusted right from an app on your smartphone, making watering your lawn more manageable and more efficient.  However, the benefits of a smart irrigation system go beyond the ability to access and control your irrigation system from your smartphone. Smart irrigation controllers connect to your existing sprinkler easily without having to overhaul the whole system. Once installed, any smart irrigation controller on the market will take over scheduling waterings for optimal usage and conservation using the data collected from local weather station’s climate sensors and rain gauges. They help save money by reducing water waste. Did you know that ⅓ of the United States pays more for water than electricity and 60% of the home’s water is for outdoor use? A smart irrigation system will help you conserve more water and get ahead of the water cost curve! Most smart irrigation systems adjust daily based on weather temperatures, recent precipitation, wind, soil types, plant type, the slope of the area, and whether the area being watered is a lawn or landscape. This prevents overwatering and only using water when it is necessary. Smart controllers allow you to break your lawn up into watering zones to customize the watering needs of specific areas for optimal amounts of water at appropriate times.

Do your part to save water for your community and save money for yourself! By regulating the amount of water applied to your lawn, you save water, protect our water supply from runoff contaminants, and maintain the water supply for others in your community. We have all seen the lawn with its sprinklers going off on a rainy day, don’t be that yard! Give us a call today to upgrade your irrigation system to a smart irrigation system!