Fall in love with your Lawn Maintenance Program!

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Fall in love with your Lawn Maintenance Program!

Your lawn is nature’s version of carpet for your outdoor space. You wouldn’t let your carpet in your home be patchy, so why let your yard? It can be a bit problematic when we finally get our spring thaw here in Nebraska and get to see what our lawn and landscapes look like for the first time. Usually, our yards don’t look as great as they did going into winter. After a few months of snow and ice, your landscape could undoubtedly use some love and attention from our team of experts. We have customizable packages designed to meet all of your lawn maintenance needs. Let’s mow over some of the perks to help you decide the best package for you. 

Our Sun Valley landscaping team believes that caring for your lawn is a lifelong partnership versus being like the “other guy”  and only applying a couple of applications per year without monitoring the overall health. Our Fertilizer+ Program is our entry-level package that highlights our level of commitment to you and your lawn. It includes everything your lawn needs to thrive and resist stress without nickel and diming you with required extras. We apply seasonally appropriate nutrients six times a year, including an all-organic component, grub control, fall aeration, and overseeding. We take the time to treat weeds that are present at each visit. The best part is, if a problem arises with your lawn between visits, we will send one of our experts to evaluate the concern and treat it accordingly. 

Pests are pests; there is no other way to explain it. Nothing is worse than ants finding their way into your home and not being able to stop their constant flow inside. This is why we offer a perimeter pest control option that can be added to any existing program. We will apply three applications around the exterior of your home to keep common household pests outside, where they belong. Most properties are $25 for each application! That is a steal for the peace of mind of no creepy crawling creatures in your home! 

As your needs evolve through the years, so can our involvement in caring for your yard. Add on weekly mowings so your time at home can be spent enjoying your lawn, not caring for it. We will handle the mowing, trimming, edging, and when the maintenance work is complete, we will blow off all hard surfaces to leave your property in pristine condition for you to come home and enjoy it.  

Irrigation systems can be confusing and time-consuming to turn on and off, not to mention any repairs that may need to be made throughout the season. Let us help take the guesswork out of proper timing to turn your system on and off with our irrigation maintenance program. We will turn your irrigation system on in the spring, check all valve heads and make sure that water is flowing to your green areas (not on the concrete). We will also make any necessary repairs. In the fall, we will blow your irrigation system out and shut it down before we get our first freeze. 

Spring sneaks up on us as quickly as the warmer weather activities get added to our calendar. With our changing Nebraska seasons, debris accumulates in our lawn and garden areas that need to be cleaned up. Our team of experts offer a spring and a fall cleanup to help with the seasonal lawn debris accumulation. A spring cleanup will start your lawn off in the right direction heading into the warmer months. We will remove any debris left over from the winter and provide the initial edging along concrete surfaces and the season’s first mow. In the fall, leaves get mulched, bagged, and removed 2x in November to leave the lawn clean before winter. You can select one or both seasonal services to fit your busy lifestyle. 

We are committed to partnering with you for the overall health of your lawn so you can spend more time playing in it instead of caring for it. We guarantee you will be informed every step of the way. Let us help you create more time in your schedule to enjoy the great outdoors. Click here to get get your quote today! HERE