Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Spring has finally sprung! Well, almost. We are excited here at Sun Valley Landscaping to ditch the gloom of winter and usher in long-awaited, warm temperatures. Kicking off the season with a thorough spring clean-up is what your landscape needs. Our team of professionals have put together a checklist of tasks and tips that will get you started enjoying your outdoor space!

Spring Cleaning Checklist:



Freshen Up Your Beds And Tree Rings

  • Bed maintenance – Spring clean-ups for your beds will speed up the growing process. Begin by raking out the beds to get rid of the debris that accumulated over the winter. Cut back perennials and ornamental grasses to rejuvenate, but take care to not cut too short. If you don’t have a have a permanent edge on your beds, give them a good, clean, spaded edge. Once the beds are cleaned and edged, a fresh covering of mulch will top it off. We recommend a consistent depth of 2-3”, but avoid mulch “volcanoes” (excessive mulch build-up around the collar of a tree). We carry four varieties of mulch so you can match to your existing landscape.
  • Trees and shrubs – These often bear the brunt of snowfall, literally. Check for branches that may have broken or are damaged by ice storms. Prune them or if necessary have them removed by a professional. Damaged trees are more prone to insect and disease infestations, while proper care can help shrubs repair themselves.


Lawn TLC

  • Mowing – This may take a little more time, but once the grass begins to green up it will be time to start mowing. Mowing frequencies should be based on the growth rate of your turf. However, during the growing season, we recommend once every 5-7 days on average.
  • Pre-Emergent and fertilization – We are gearing up to lay the first application of fertilizer in early spring. We recommend, and will be applying a low-nitrogen, slow-release fertilizer combined with pre-emergent. This is going to give you the best control on broadleaf weed control, which begins to pop up in the spring. It’s best practice to apply pre-emergent when the soil temperatures approach 55 degrees.
  • Seeding – The winter weather may have been hard on your turf to the point of damage. If you have bare spots or damage, you may need to apply seed. Spring time is not ideal for application, but may be necessary. If you seed, make sure you DO NOT apply a pre-emergent as it will prevent your grass seed from growing.


Assess and Repair Winter Damage

  • Check your hardscape – Don’t solely focus on only the living part of your landscape. Older masonry walls and patios should be inspected for joint damage or cracks in the stone.
  • Inspect your irrigation system – Once the ground has thawed, and the temperature has consistently stayed above freezing, turn on your irrigation system to make sure it’s in working condition.



If your spring checklist is growing a little too long, and prepping your outdoor space is at the bottom, give us a call to jump in our quick-filling spring clean-up schedule at (402) 932-5704. Our team of professionals are ready to help you enjoy your outdoor space again.