How to create your dream outdoor space and budget for it!

Landscaped garden and patio

How to create your dream outdoor space and budget for it!

Imagination is the beginning of every outdoor space we create and maintain. The imagining starts with you! Imagine coming home after a long day’s work or, as we have learned in 2020, a new need to create work/home life boundaries that allow us to enjoy our home once we walk away from our desk. With no end in sight to be able to return to the office, gift yourself a new outdoor oasis for 2021! The perfect landscaping begins with what you value, want to experience, the atmosphere that will make your life less stressful and more enjoyable. Now, close your eyes…well, maybe wait until the end of this blog post so we can help you through the process. 


Imagine, what does that perfect outdoor space look like for you? Are you imagining the front yard or back yard? How will you be using the space? Relaxing? Socializing? Spending time with family and friends? Do you want a defined dining area or perhaps a fire pit with lots of seating? Are there any sentimental plants or ideas you want to include? If the sound of all of these choices overwhelms you, let us take a step back and walk you through our process step by step. Let’s start with you and your home because that is who this is about. Jot down your wants and needs for the chosen space. Browse magazines, Pinterest, or our social media pages for design inspiration ideas that you love for your outdoor space. Take time to seek out inspiration to help you hone in on what you genuinely like. Prioritize your wish list 


Typically, we all have a wish list that goes beyond our means; however, we won’t limit you if your budget fits. Dream BIG! Establish a realistic budget for your project and share it with us. A budget is essential to ensure that your expectations are achievable, and there are no surprises along the way. This helps us all stay on course to helping you get everything that is on your wishlist, or we can help you determine other options that are more achievable. It might mean that we have to break the project down into budget-friendly pieces, but that is something we are willing to do to help you enjoy your space. Depending on the landscaping around your home, it can account for 15% of the home’s resale value. 

The First Call

We hope you bring that imagination and excitement to the first phone call you have with one of our friendly staff members. Call our office at 402-932-5704; one of our staff members will take some information about you and ask you questions to learn about your project. Take the time to share your wishlist with them. It is on this phone call we will get you scheduled onto one of our designer’s calendars. Have pictures you want to share with us? We invite you to send inspiration photos to the scheduler to add to your meeting notes, so you don’t have to search for them during your appointment. 🙂  

Pro Tip: If you are reading this in the fall/winter, call us NOW! Don’t wait until the spring, when our call volume and appointments are at their highest. We value our time with you. Allowing us to have the winter to design and plan with you helps deter rash last-minute decision making that can be costly. We can complete hardscape and some irrigation work in the early winter months before the ground has hit a hard freeze. 


Our design process starts at the initial appointment with you to create and develop the concept. As our designer walks your property with you, this is an opportunity to share your lifestyle, how you will use the area, and the level of maintenance requirements you desire to have with the plants we install. We want to get to know you, the likes and dislikes you have for specific concepts and materials. Our designer will take initial photos and measurements of the area and possibly start an initial rough sketch of the property and idea while they are on site. 

The real magic starts when we return to the office and transition the concepts into detailed renderings of what your property will look like once it is finished. This process does not happen overnight. Depending on the project’s scale and season, this process can take 2-3 weeks to bid out materials, plants and complete the rendering. We make every effort to support local and family-run nurseries nearby when possible to source our plant materials. Our designer will present their ideas to you, highlighting the plant materials planned, walkways, walls, hardscape materials, and color schemes. This is a time for discussion and revisions that is extremely important to ensure that your vision has been executed and everyone is pleased with the project before we break ground. 


The timeline for installation varies based on the size of the project. You might see us at your property anywhere from 2-10 days. This timeline can vary depending on the project’s size, materials we are using, and weather. Rest assured, once the project is finished, any land that is disturbed during our building process that is not directly associated with the project itself will be returned to its original state if not better than before. 

Maintaining it

The final part of the process that is often overlooked is time. What happens after we leave when the plants become established? Plants grow over time and will need regular trimming so they don’t obstruct doorways, sidewalks, or impede other plant life growth. Fresh mulch will need to be brought in to maintain the health of landscape beds and keep weeds at bay. We can customize and care for everything in your yard, all-year-round so that you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor space

We wake up every day with the hope that we can allow others to enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. From start to finish and years to come, we are here to help you achieve and maintain the perfect space. A space that dances between elements that serve a purpose and others that are just aesthetically pleasing to look at. Don’t wait until spring to give us a call. Spend the next few cold winter months planning your new outdoor space with us.