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Winter is just around the corner and last winter taught everyone two important lessons: be prepared early, and be prepared for anything.  Last winter was one of the worst winters in recent history; however we were able to succeed with multiple professional crews and great...

We will continue to visit lawns into the fall until lawns go dormant and leaves stop falling.  The crews will be coming around with a door sheet informing you if it is a weekly or biweekly visit.  They will also have information on fall cleanups, including what services...

The 5th step of our lawn care program begins the week of October 25th.  On this application we will be putting down a low Nitrogen 2% Iron blend.  This application is a low nitrogen blend because the last application (Step 4) was high in Nitrogen, and...

The days are getting shorter and that honey-do list just keeps getting longer.  Fall is the most important time to care for your lawn and landscape.  Omaha Friendly Services is here to help!  Our team of trained professionals can help get your lawn and landscape...

We will soon be coming around for the next application. This application is one of the most important applications we will do as it contains the following: aerating, power raking, fall fertilizer, and seeding. Lawn aerations are probably the most important aspect of fall lawn care. We...

After going around to all the properties to give fall lawn care estimates and do another spray there are a few things to note. First, grub damage on most properties has been minimal. We applied our grub applications after the heavy rains in June, timing...

I recently returned from the Turfgrass Field Day, hosted by UNL at the John Seaton Anderson Turfgrass Research Facility near Mead, Nebraska. Field Day gives lawn care professionals from around the state an opportunity to discuss what has been happening throughout the year, and also...

Whether a home or business, everyone wants a thick, lush, green stand of grass.  Grass, the most prevalent plant in the world, is a cornerstone of the Omaha landscape.  A healthy stand of grass contributes to: cooling temperatures around our homes; erosion control, ground water absorption, pollutant...