Benefits of a Professional Spring Clean-up

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Benefits of a Professional Spring Clean-up

A bear can shake off water from its coat, but your lawn doesn’t have the ability to shake off our midwest winter debris. Help your lawn recover from winter hibernation with a professional spring clean-up from Sun Valley Landscaping. We offer a customized plan for all of our spring clean-ups to get your lawn clean, green, and ready for spring here in Omaha. Not sure if you need a spring clean-up for your yard or landscape bed? Let’s pull the weeds on this seasonal clean-up’s benefits and how it helps your Nebraska lawn.

When you think of cleaning up your yard in spring, you probably think about cutting back grasses, raking up any leaves that winter left behind, and putting down fresh mulch but don’t forget about your lawn as well. A Spring lawn clean-up not only cleans up winter debris leftover in our Nebraska lawns but also provides the initial edging along concrete surfaces and bed edges to start the year out with a clean manicured look.  

Don’t break your back this spring tidying up your outdoor space. Let us help with your spring landscape bed clean-up. We clean up winter debris out of your garden, prune back ornamental grasses and perennials left up over winter, and re-establish crisp edges around mulched areas. We apply a granular pre-emergent to the mulch beds, top-dress with a 1”- layer of fresh premium mulch and apply balancing fertilizer to the ornamental shrubs and perennials. 

Why do we do all of these steps during our spring clean-up, you ask? Removing the leaves, weeds, twigs, and other obvious debris leftovers from winter not only improves the appearance of the yard it is also horticulturally beneficial at preventing disease. We trim shrubs back to help maintain a manicured appearance throughout the season which also aids flowering shrubs to yield more blooms. Applying a fresh layer of mulch looks good, adds organic material to the landscape beds, and helps retain moisture for the plants. 

A professional spring clean-up from Sun Valley Landscaping is a great start for your landscape. Let one of our experts walk your property and create a customized plan that meets your property’s needs and you as the owner. Spring clean-up stops are filling up fast; call us today!